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Albin, Wandering Albatross, 1737

New Zealand Birds website is being upgraded

The New Zealand Birds website is being upgraded in order for us to present an industry standard responsive site. It is anticipated to take 28 weeks to complete the changes for the entire website. Starting with the "More about birds" section, changes will begin to be seen as of 17 August, 2021.

    The upgrade project includes:

  • Redesigned for better user experience across all devices
  • Rationalisation of files (some pages will be retired)
  • Improved navigation
  • Font type and size will be enhanced for easier reading
  • All pages will display a "date last updated" !

General Information Pages

The New Zealand Birds website has a group of pages that provide general information about the site. These pages are listed accross the menu at the top of this page. The reformating of all of those pages was completed on 30/08/2021. The changes to make them responsive was completed on 30/09/2021.

"Links page" The Links page was rationalised on 30/08/2021. A total of 25 links to unresponsive or missing sites were deleted.  

"More about Birds" section

Work on this is section underway now through January 2022. Collective Nouns pages The first run at upgrading all of the Collective Nouns pages was completed on 28/08/2021. As of 26/10/2021 they are all responsive. Bird RESCUE Centres This page is now complete and responsive as of 07/12/2021.
Bird Banding in New Zealand The data on this page has been updated and now has links to DOC who mantain the NZ banding database. Complete and responsive as of 03/01/2022. Nesting and Nest Boxes Complete and responsive as of 09/01/2022. Feeding the birds Complete and responsive as of 10/01/2022. Dangers for birds Complete and responsive as of 11/01/2022. National birds Complete and responsive as of 16/01/2022. Five individual pages of national birds have been combined into one.

Thank you for visiting this site

If you have any comments please email Narena Olliver:

We are trying to locate the life size giant Moa sculpture that used to stand at the entrance to the New Zealand Birds gallery on Main Street in Greytown, New Zealand.
If anyone knows where it is or how we may contact the present owner, please contact Narena Olliver at this email address:

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