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Many thanks to Bernard P. Nofs of Trenton, New Jersey, USA, for his numerous additions to this list.

Michael Quinion once wrote about the history of collective nouns. Since the redesign of his website I cannot find the article. However, you might -- here is the link to his site:

World Wide Words

A site setup by Bruce M. Bowman with more bird collective nouns:

Collective Bird Nouns



Celeste Warner  Whilst Watching a Dissimulation of Birds




New Zealand Birds has found no collective nouns under the alpha headings of "X", or "Z", therefore no corresponding pages for those letters have been established.

a diacriticality of Accentors
a host of Accentors
a flight of Albatrosses
a rookery of Albatrosses
a weight of Albatrosses
a cooch of Anis
an orphanage of Anis
a silliness of Anis
a beard of (whiskered) Auklets
a colony of Auks
a dopping of Auks
a flock of Auks
a loomery of Auks
a raft of Auks
a flight of (little) Auks
an edge of (razor-billed) Auks
a colony of Avcotes
a flock of Awks
a loomery of Awks
a raft of Awks
a swim of Awks
an extinction of (great) Awks
a museum specimen of (great) Awks
a waddle of (great) Awks