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a chatter of Parakeets
a chattering of Parakeets
a flock of Parakeets
a company of Parrots
a flock of Parrots
a pair of Parrots
a pandemonium of Parrots
a prattle of Parrots
a psittacosis of Parrots
a battery of Parson birds
a ecstasy of Parson birds
a bevy of Partridges
a bew of Partridges
a brace of Partridges
a clutch of Partridges
a covey of Partridges
a cover of Partridges
a family of Partridges
a jugging of Partridges
a pack of Partridges
a warren of Partridges
a bawl of Peacocks
a cluster of Peacocks
a lek of Peacocks
a muster of Peacocks
an ostentation of Peacocks
a pride of Peacocks
a pulchritude of Peacocks
a muster of Peafowl
a ostentation of Peafowl
a pride of Peafowl
a pstemtatopm of Peafowl
a diary of Peeps
an enigma of Peeps
a litter of Peeps
a dribble of Peewees
a deceit of Peewits
a desert of Peewits
a heave of Pelagics
a brief of Pelicans
a flock of Pelicans
a pod of Pelicans
a pouch of Pelicans
a raft of Pelicans
a rookery of Pelicans
a scoop of Pelicans
a squadron of Pelicans
a rookery of (White) Pelicans
a colony of Penguins
a creche of Penguins
a formality of Penguins
a huddle of Penguins
an icing of Penguins
a march of Penguins
a muster of Penguins
a parade of Penguins
a parcel of Penguins
a pride of Penguins
a raft (in water) of Penguins
a rookery of Penguins
a shiver of Penguins
a toboganning of Penguins
a town of Penguins
a waddle of Penguins
a rookery of (King) Penguins
a cadge of Peregrines
a cage of Peregrines
a wandering of Peregrines
a gallon of Petrels
a tank of Petrels
a pantry of (cook’s) Petrels
a squirt of Pewees
a skein of Pewits
a dopping of Phalaropes
a swirl of Phalaropes
a twirl of Phalaropes
a whirl of Phalaropes
a whirligig of Phalaropes
a cell of (Red) Phalaropes
a nide of Pheasant chicks
a bevy of Pheasants
a bouquet of Pheasants
a brace of Pheasants
a brood of Pheasants
a broody of Pheasants
a bunch of Pheasants
a covey of Pheasants
a drove of Pheasants
an eye of Pheasants
a game of Pheasants
a harem of Pheasants
a head of Pheasants
a herd of Pheasants
a knob of Pheasants
a leash of Pheasants
a little knob of Pheasants
a muster of Pheasants
a nest of Pheasants
a nide of Pheasants
a nie of Pheasants
a ny of Pheasants
a nye of Pheasants
a plume of Pheasants
a plump of Pheasants
a trip of Pheasants
a warren of Pheasants
a nid of (French) Pheasants
a myth of Phoenix or phenix
an extenction of (flightless) Phorusrhacids
a band of Pigeons
a dropping of Pigeons
a flight of Pigeons
a flock of Pigeons
a kit of Pigeons
a kitte of Pigeons
a loft of Pigeons
a passel of Pigeons
a school of Pigeons
a stool of Pigeons
a homing of (Carrier) Pigeons
a cushion of Pintails
a knob of Pintails
a little knob of Pintails
a doppling of (flightless) Plotopterids
a band of Plovers
a brace of Plovers
a concentration of Plovers
a congregation of Plovers
a deceit of Plovers
a flight of Plovers
a flock of Plovers
an invisibleness of Plovers
a leash of Plovers
a ponderance of Plovers
a stand of Plovers
a wing of Plovers
a trip of (Grey) Plovers
a range of (Mountain) Plovers
a flurry of (Snowy) Plovers
a bunch of Pochards
a flight of Pochards
a knob of Pochards
a little knob of Pochards
a rush of Pochards
a addiction of Poor-Wills
a run of Poultry
a little house of Prairie Chickens
a pack of Prairie Chickens
a booming ground of (greater) Prairie Chickens
a gobbling ground of (lesser) Prairie Chickens
a monastery of Prothonotaries
a congregation of Ptarmigans
a covey of Ptarmigans
an invisibleness of Ptarmigians
a wing of Ptarmigans
a burrow of Puffins
a circus of Puffins
a colony of Puffins
a improbability of Puffins
a loomery of Puffins
a puffinry of Puffins
a gawky of Pukekos
a potter of Pukekos