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Children's books

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Children's books
Abigail the Fantail Price: US$26.00
(includes shipping costs)

Abigail the Fantail

by Janet Martin,
illustrations Marigold Freeman

First published in 2000 by Jampot Productions, ISBN 0-473-06944-X, soft cover
pages: 22, size: 220 x 210mm. Price US$26.00 (includes shipping cost)

Written in rhyming text
The Story of the Kakapo Price: US$24.00
(includes shipping costs)

The Story of the Kakapo

by Philip Temple
Illustrated by Chris Gaskin

Longacres Press, ISBN 1-877135-34-8, 2000, soft cover,
pages: 31, size: 190 x 250mm. Price US$24.00 (includes shipping cost)

Author Philip Temple is well known for his books about the great outdoors. His six adult novels include the enormously successful kea stories Beak of the Moon and Dark of the Moon. His children¹s books include Kotuku, the Flight of the White Heron; Krakto, Champion of the World; Moa, the Story of a Fabulous Bird.

Chris Gaskin is a leading children’s picture book and wildlife artist. He’s won many awards for his illustrations including the Russell Clark Award three times. His books include The Natural World of New Zealand, Joseph’s Boat, A Walk to the Beach, and Duckat.
The Troll and the Huia Price: US$24.00
(includes shipping costs)

The Troll and the Huia

Written by Lyn McConchie
Illustrated by Judith Giddens

Stonepress  ISBN 0-9582115-1-5, soft cover,
pages: 23, size: 210 x 298mm. Price US$24.00 (includes shipping cost)

This book is dedicated to the Conservation Department staff  who work at Mount Bruce to bring our native birds back from near extinction, in the hope that somrwhere out there in the ranges there may be a secret valley inhabited by the Huia.
Cuckoo's Egg Price: US$24.00
(includes shipping costs)

Cuckoo's Egg

by Janet Marshall
Illustrated by Janet Marshall's lovely paintings

Reed 2004. Paperback. ISBN ISBN 1-86948-672-2, soft cover,
pages: 23, size: 211 x 299mm. Price US$24.00 (includes shipping cost)
Suitable for very young children.

Riririro, the grey warbler, gets a big surprise when all the eggs she lays hatch into one big beautiful baby.  Find out how Cuckoo tricks Riroriro into raising her baby.
Recycled Price: US$26.00
(includes shipping costs)


by Sandy McKay

Longacre, 2005. Paperback. ISBN 1-877135-49-6.
pages: 131, size: 200 x 130mm. Price US$26.00 (includes shipping cost)
Suitable for a 5-8 year old. Winner Junior Fiction New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards.

What is Colin doing scrambling around in the rubbish bin? Has he lost something? His sister thinks he's lost his marbles, his father thinks he's lost his manners, and his mother - well - she's losing her temper very quickly.

But Colin wants to save the world. And the rubbish bin seems a good place to start. But his family are NO help at all!

'During a year an average family will probably throw
away 1.5 tonnes of rubbish - the equivalent of half the
weight of a good-sized elephant'

His Dad has no job, his Mum works too hard (and hangglides in her spare time!) and Colin's sister, Allie, gets a job delivering junk mail. Saving the world is harder than it looks. And when the council threaten to close down the local recycling centre - some drastic action is called for...

This is a high-spirited story, playfully told, which includes great recycling tips and startling facts about ecology.
Colin Goes Bush Price: US$26.00
(includes shipping costs)

Colin Goes Bush

by Sandy McKay

Longacre, 2005. Paperback. ISBN 1-877135-91-7.
pages: 157, size: 200 x 130mm. Price US$26.00 (includes shipping cost)
Suitable for a 7-8 year old.

Colin Kennedy (Recycled) is back in yet another humorous environmental story. Colin is now in Year 8 and his new teacher cares more about PE than the environment. In fact she thinks Colin is the weirdest kid she has ever met. Colin is a dedicated Eco-warrior though and is involved in the school's Green Group run by Mr Read. When Mr Read announces that a stand of native trees is in danger of being cut down Colin is determined to do anything to stop it - he's even prepared to wear a bird suit to get his message across.

Includes statistics about trees, especially natives, destruction of forests and conservation efforts.
Sebastian's Tail Price: US$24.00
(includes shipping costs)

Sebastian's Tail

by Judy Lawn
Illustrated by Lamia Gziz

Puffin Books, Published by the Penguin Group, 2008, ISBN 13: 9780143502913, soft cover,
pages: 30, size: 215 x 220mm. Price US$24.00 (includes shipping cost)

“Sebastian is a rat with a problem — he has no tail. Try as he might he just can't find the right tail for himself. They're either too long or too curly — or even too fluffy. Just when he has given up, help arrives.”